Danny O'Connor Hospitalized Following Failed Weight Cut

By James Kinneen Jul 6, 2018

It appears mixed martial arts fans are not the only combat sport followers disappointed this weekend, as the marquee boxing match was cancelled due to a bad weight cut attempt by the challenger, Danny O'Connor.

O'Connor failed to make weight and was so dehydrated he required hospitalization, so his title fight with Jose Ramirez was cancelled. O’Connor just could not get the final two pounds off and was taken to the hospital before even getting on the scale. Bob Arum was booed as he made the announcement that the fight was cancelled, and although there was talk of finding a replacement, that never happened.

For O’Connor, this is another devastating setback in his career. In 2015 he was scheduled to face another huge name, Paulie Malignaggi, in a match that could have vaulted him into stardom with a victory. Malignaggi was cut in training for the bout, and the fight was never rescheduled. This time, however the fault lies with him alone.

Bad weight cuts are far rarer in boxing than MMA, where fighters tend to cut far more weight, but as today showed the sports are not wildly different when it comes to the dangers of draining the body of drastic amounts of water, and not wildly different in their ability to disappoint.


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